UtilityCap can help you achieve the best utility procurement outcomes by providing you with the tools and know-how. 

Bill Entry

Electronic bill import removes the burden of manually entering monthly utility bills. Using OCR and other technologies, UtilityCap can convert your PDF, XLS, TXT, CSV, and/or EDI file formats, and even your paper bills, to an Excel template that can be electronically imported into your UtilityCap database. From there, your data can be audited, analyzed, presented, and even exported to your accounting system.


Utility Bill Auditing

How do you know if your utility bill data is correct? With UtilityCap’s utility bill audit library, you can automatically run audits to verify accuracy and spot problems with your utility bills. You can also create audit groups and automate running of individual bill audits or audit groups at any point in the workflow process, even during bill entry.


Accounting Interface

In some organizations, the accounting department automatically pays the utility bills without knowledge or approval from the utility manager. But what if the bill was incorrect, the vendor should not have been paid, or the data was double-keyed into separate accounting and utility management systems? There is a better way to audit, process, and manage utility bills. Make UtilityCap utility and utility bill management software the smart and friendly "front-end" to your accounts payable or general ledger system.


Bill Accruals

Do you depend on accurate accruals to close out an accounting period? UtilityCap utility bill management can create estimated utility bills based on historical billing data to help your finance staff fill in the gaps. 


Submeters & Chargebacks

UtilityCap’s Submeters & Chargebacks functionality streamlines and simplifies business processes for allocating utility consumption and creating chargeback or rebill “invoices” for customers, internal departments, or tenants.