UtilityCap can help you achieve the best utility procurement outcomes by providing you with the tools and know-how. 

Understanding your current costs is essential in negotiating future utility rates. This area of utility procurement represents the easiest way to avoid future costs, but it is also fraught with extreme risk if not properly understood.

The most difficult and expensive Utility commodity to purchase is electricity. The level of difficulty depends on such factors as:

  • The procurement manager’s knowledge of the energy market.
  • Accurate analysis of historical energy use and demand
  • Likely future requirements for the term of the contract (usually 2 years) measured in kWh (use) and kVA (demand).


No two energy suppliers will use the same methods of calculating “demand” and this is not by accident. Yet “demand” or kVA can represent up to 30% of your energy costs.

How EnergyCAP Software can help with utility procurement

Rate schedules have a tremendous impact on energy costs, and EnergyCAP makes it easy for you to make sure you’re paying what you should be paying and that your tenants or internal customers are being charged appropriately.

Automated rate schedule benchmarking and specialized reports help you confirm that your accounts are all on the correct and most favorable rate schedule and identify savings opportunities. 

EnergyCAP knows the exact rate, use and demand for each meter in your organisation, and how it is currently tracking compared to its individual budget. It is because of features like this we can help you avoid future energy cost shocks.

We provide you with the tools and know-how to save.