Tracking Costs & Consumption

With EnergyCAP utility bill management software, you can track and audit any utility or non-utility commodity and any type of bill detail. Utility bill management involves more than the Accounts Payable process. It includes auditing and tracking utility bills to maintain a comprehensive utility history of your organization.


Reporting & Presentation

Utility analytics and reporting is one of the most important features of any utility bill management system. Unless data is presented well, and data sharing is convenient, the utility analytics will not be useful. UtilityCap excels at data presentation.



Report categories include:

* Analysis

* Billing

* Budget

* Calendarized

* Channel

* Cost Avoidance



* Greenhouse Gas

* Invoice

* Normalized

* Setup

* Weather

* Year-to-Year


EnergyCAP analysis and reporting software provides a library of dashboard widgets that display key data snapshots. Each user can select the performance analytics charts and graphs most relevant to his or her job responsibilities.

Widgets can be organized on one or multiple dashboards. Map-based dashboards allow users to quickly view facility performance statistics and navigate to a facility for detailed analysis. Dashboards can be maintained privately, shared with other EnergyCAP users, or made public by embedding on other websites.


PowerViews are exclusive EnergyCAP charts, graphs, and tables that place the most important utility analytics at your fingertips. PowerViews are automatically displayed and dynamically updated. Chart, graph, and table data can be copied and pasted into other applications for external reporting and analysis.