Metering systems generally involve data collection, and data services. UtilityCap designs automatic meter reading (AMR) systems for collecting data which is then managed with EnergyCAP utility management software.

When we talk about metering we must first define the type of meters, sensors and systems required for any given project. 

Type of Meters

There are two types meters commonly deployed:

    • Utility Meter – these are generally used on utility mains to track usage with a view to calculate cost and use. Most commonly comprised of Electric, Water and Gas meters. At UtilityCap we can help our customers “mine” this rich source of data, so often it goes wasted.
    • Sub-meters – theses are generally used downstream of a Utility meter for various reasons including: as a check meter to verify the accuracy or otherwise of the Utility meter, generate a sub-bill, cost allocation, verify efficiency and savings programmes, monitor equipment and alert in the event of leakage or overuse.

There is a large range of fluids and gases that are measured by specialised meters, and many of these meters need to comply with national and international measurement  standards. 


Sensors - is a device, module, or subsystem whose purpose is to detect events or changes in its environment and send the information to a central software platform. 

We use sensors most commonly in to monitor water levels, fleet tracking, ground moisture levels, temperature, manufacturing, counter (eg people counters), weather, pressure, trigger alarms, flow measurement and embedded energy.

We live in a connected world and “sensors” are everywhere. 


Metering Systems – can be manual or automated. Nowadays most businesses are phasing out manual meter reading systems for more efficient and cost saving automated meter reading systems.

Advantages of automated or machine-driven systems are their accuracy, cost and overall efficiency.  UtilityCap are experienced in the design, deployment and the servicing of automated meter reading systems.

An automated meter reading system begins with:

  • a meter/sensor or a combination of the two, 
  • a means of converting an analogue signal/pulse into a digital value, 
  • storage of the digital value,
  • transmission of the digital value via wiring and/or wirelessly to a management software tool, either on-site and/or some other location (usually in the “cloud”).

(NOTE: Maybe we could use some graphics/flow chart for the automated metering system)

Metering & Data Sourcing

Many customers and businesses have huge amounts of valuable data either laying idle or available nearby for a small investment, and they’re not even aware of its existence.  

UtilityCap can help extricate this wealth of data and turn it into something useful that can be fed into EnergyCAP Utility management software.

Whether its energy, water, fuel, sustainability, compliance, M&V, budgeting, ROI, tenant rebilling, cost allocation or whatever it is. UtilityCap have the tools, experience and capabilities to transform your silos of data into real and meaningful knowledge.

This knowledge becomes a powerful tool to an organisation, in not just meticulously measuring energy and resource consumption, but enabling it to convert knowledge into business capital and value.

Let UtilityCap help you “mine” this extremely rich vein of data just sitting so close by. We can show you how you can save up to 10% without installing a single extra meter.