Water Audits

UtilityCap provides 360 degree Accredited Water Audit Services that begins with the Audit Report. Thereafter and according to your needs, we provide Cost Avoidance Recommendations, Project Implementation, Monitoring & Tracking and Measurement & Verification of the savings.

How important is water management?

Water is a precious commodity, especially considering an adult is comprised of 60% water, and covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. Yet just 1% of our freshwater is easily accessible, with much of it trapped in glaciers and snowfields.

We, and every life form on earth are totally dependent on its availability. Yet we treat it as if it were our natural right; that we turn on a tap and expect it to be there. We are all witness to what water scarcity may look like; some more than others. We can no longer take water availability for granted. If you have responsibility for a commercial building/s, then good water conservation systems and practices should be high on your priority

What is a Water Audit? 

A Water Audit is about quantifying  current water flows, losses, and quality in systems, with a view to reducing  water  usage, efficient water management and saving money on otherwise unnecessary  water use. Effective investigation of water use can identify remarkable opportunities to make significant savings. 

Key Areas of a Water Audit 

  • Visibility – Scope of works, goals, calculate current and historical water use, water flows and pressures. 

  • Identify – Leakage and unidentified water losses, suitability of existing fixtures, fittings & tapware, areas of non-compliance, operating hours. 

  • Evaluate – alternative processes & practices, sensors, flow/pressure restrictors, alternative water supplies, tapware, fixtures, fittings and all water savings measure recommendations & upgrades. 

  • Report – conduct Cost-benefit analysis (including ROI), environmental benefits and final Water Audit as per client’s requirements. 

The True Cost of Water 

 Having a Water Audit conducted in a Commercial building will help determine the true cost of your water. Knowing the true cost will assist in developing a strong case for water conservation projects. Most people look at their water Utility bill and think this reflects the cost of water, how wrong they are. 

Inefficient use of water can lead to higher labour, energy and other charges due to hydraulic system failures, poor HVAC design and performance, excessive chemical use, sewer charges, equipment failures, pressure valve failures and water damage. 

Managing Water Use 

We need to learn how to better manage our water use by putting in place good management practices.  A Water Audit will examine current water management practices which starts with the Water retailer bill dating back to at least two years, past water losses, cost recovery and cost allocation processes, who (if any) is responsible for water conservation, what water savings goals are in place, assisting and involving tenants to reduce their water use, the underlying corporate culture and who is the responsible appointed manager for water conservation. 

 A Water Audit will include recommendations on what a Water Management Plan could look like for any site and/or portfolio, it cannot be a “set and forget”. The Water Management Plan, once determined, will need to be regularly monitored for performance and compliance against KPI’s and targets. 

 How UtilityCap can help you?

To ensure continued success will require oversight at all levels, from the Boardroom to the cleaners who notice a dripping tap. This type of oversight doesn’t just happen, it’s a product of good management, knowledge, education, having a plan and commitment. 

 UtilityCap can help your organisation navigate the whole Water Audit process, including staying with you all the way.  

to  contact us for your accredited water audit  click on this graphic or call us on 1300 393 328

to contact us for your accredited water audit click on this graphic or call us on 1300 393 328